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Properties and applications of sodium diacetate in the food industry?(2)

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Baked goods

Sodium diacetate is a new type of mould inhibitor, used in baked goods, such as bread, cakes, etc., to prevent mould, it is better to compound with calcium propionate, the amount of compound added is generally below 0.3%.

Puffed foods

Sodium diacetate can be widely used as a preservative, acidulant and nutrient in puffed food flavouring, National Food Additive Hygiene Standards (1998 Supplementary Varieties) stipulate that the maximum amount of sodium diacetate in puffed food and puffed food flavouring is 10 g/kg, and the maximum amount added in fried crisps is 1 g/kg.

food additives

Meat products

Chilled meat

Chilled meat is a future trend in the meat industry. Storage temperatures between 0 and 4°C do not completely inhibit microbial growth and metabolism, and the shelf life of chilled meat will be shortened, affecting the shelf life and transport of chilled meat. The use of sodium diacetate in a compound form for chilled meat will greatly extend its shelf life. A combination of poly-lysine 0.01%, chitosan 0.80%, sodium diacetate 0.30% and EDTA 0.01% is a good preservative. Pork treated with this combination of preservatives can be stored and kept fresh for 16 d at O to 4°C.

Prepared meat products

Meat products sausages, bacon can be added to sodium diacetate to prevent mould, adding 0.05%-0.2% sodium diacetate, can extend the shelf life of 2 months, and can enhance the effect of meat products colour fresh and tender. The maximum use level is 3.0g/1kg.


Adding 0.2% sodium diacetate to fresh fruit juices and jams can extend the shelf life to more than 10 days, and adding 0.1%-0.3% to jellies can extend the shelf life of unsealed jellies up to 30 days at room temperature. Non-alcoholic beverages are allowed to add 0.05%-0.06%; soda-like beverages are allowed to add 0.04%-0.05%; fresh orange juice, hawthorn juice, etc. are allowed to add 0.04%, which can be kept for six months.

Other foods

Sodium diacetate is widely used in food processing, in addition to the above foods, it is also used in other foods, such as kimchi, kimchi production process to prevent contamination by bacteria, the use of sodium diacetate can prevent or reduce contamination by bacteria, adding 3g/kg (by weight of fresh vegetables) of sodium diacetate can guarantee six months without mould deterioration; used in aquatic products to inhibit the growth and metabolism of bacteria, moulds, etc., to prevent corruption and extend the shelf life of aquatic products. Fresh fish soaked in 10% sodium diacetate solution for 30 min can be stored at 30°C for a week with no change in flavour.

As an efficient and low-toxic food additive, sodium diacetate is widely used in food processing and has good socio-economic benefits.

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