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Properties and applications of sodium diacetate in the food industry?(1)

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With the development of the food industry, food additives are playing an increasingly important role in the food industry, and the use of various additives is becoming increasingly widespread, especially in extending the shelf life of food and ensuring the nutritional value of food. As a new preservative recommended by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO), sodium diacetate has the advantages of low dosage, low cost of use, good preservative effect, safety and reliability, and is commonly used in Europe and America.

1. Properties, quality standards and toxicity of sodium diacetate

The nature of sodium diacetate

Sodium diacetate, abbreviated as SDA, also known as monosodium diacetate, is a compound of sodium acetate and acetic acid, molecular formula CH3COONaC-H3COOH, white hygroscopic crystals, slightly acetic acid odour, very soluble in water, is a new type of high-efficiency, broad-spectrum antibacterial mould inhibitor, especially strong inhibition of aflatoxin, is widely used in food and feed and other fields.

Sodium diacetate's antibacterial mechanism and effect

Sodium diacetate has a strong inhibitory and killing effect on various fungi and moulds, and can prevent mould and spoilage of food, grain and feed products, with the advantages of low dosage, low cost and non-toxic side effects. The antibacterial effect of sodium diacetate is due to the single molecule of acetic acid within the molecule. Due to the good solubility of single molecule acetic acid and lipid-like compounds, single molecule acetic acid can penetrate into the cell body of bacteria through the cell wall, interfere with the interaction of intercellular enzymes, prompting the denaturation of intracellular proteins, causing the death of the bacteria cells, thus playing an anti-mould, anti-bacterial effect. Sodium diacetate is better than potassium sorbate in inhibiting Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus flavus and Xylaria green.

food additives

2. Application of sodium diacetate

Sodium diacetate is mainly used in the food industry for food preservation, are mainly inclined to compound use, compound additives, that is, two or more complementary functions or synergistic monomers in the appropriate proportion of the compound together to form a compound, compound food additives and monomers have very significant advantages compared to the synergistic effect of food additives, both functional complementarity, synergistic effect; there are also Functionally mutually inhibiting effects, but in the food industry there is a value of application is generally synergistic effect.

Cereals and grains

Sodium diacetate is used in cereals and grains for its anti-toxic effect. When 0.1% to 0.8% sodium diacetate is added to cereals with a moisture content of about 21.5%, the storage period of the cereals can be extended from 90 days to more than 200 days.

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