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The role and uses of citric acid and precautions(2)

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3、For chemical reagents, washing

Citric acid can be used in chemical technology as a reagent for chemical analysis, as a laboratory reagent, chromatographic reagent and biochemical reagent; as a complexing agent, masking agent, for the preparation of buffer solutions.

Citric acid or citric acid salts are used as detergents to improve the performance of laundry products, to rapidly precipitate metal ions, to prevent contaminants from reattaching to fabrics, to maintain the necessary alkalinity for laundering, to disperse and suspend dirt and ash, and to improve the performance of surfactants.

Citric acid can also be made into a formaldehyde-free anti-wrinkle finishing agent, used for cotton fabric anti-wrinkle finishing.

4、Used in cosmetics

Citric acid has the effect of preventing and eliminating skin pigmentation. Citric acid belongs to a kind of fruit acid, the main role is to accelerate the renewal of keratin, commonly used in lotions, creams, shampoos, whitening supplies, anti-aging supplies, acne supplies, etc.. The renewal of keratin helps skin melanin flaking, pore refinement, blackhead dissolution, etc.

5、Used for environmental protection

China's rich coal resources, is the main part of the composition of energy, however, has been the lack of effective flue gas desulphurization process, resulting in serious atmospheric SO2 pollution. At present, China's annual SO2 emissions have been nearly 40 million tons, the study of effective desulphurization process, it is a matter of urgency. Citric acid - sodium citrate buffer solution due to its low vapour pressure, non-toxic, chemically stable, high absorption rate of SO2, is a very valuable development of desulphurization absorbent.

Citric acid

6、Used in livestock additives

Adding citric acid to piglet feed can wean the piglets earlier, improve feed utilization rate by 5% to 10% and increase the litter size of sows. Adding 1%-2% citric acid to the diet of growing fattening pigs can improve daily weight gain, reduce meat ratio, improve protein digestibility, reduce back fat thickness and improve meat quality and carcass characteristics.

7、For sterilization

Citric acid and 80℃ combined action has a good effect of killing bacterial spores, and can effectively kill the bacterial spores contaminated in the hemodialysis machine line. The lemon, which is known as the "King of Western food", has a strong bactericidal effect and is good for food hygiene, plus the fresh smell of lemon, people traditionally like to use it to make cold dishes, which are not only delicious and refreshing, but also can enhance appetite, such as the recently very popular "lemon chicken feet For example, the recently popular "chicken feet with lemon".

8、Used in medicine

Citric acid, also known as citric acid, must be attended by calcium ions in the formation of prothrombinogen activator and later in the coagulation process. Citrate ions and calcium ions can form a soluble complex that is difficult to dissociate, thus reducing the concentration of calcium ions in the blood and blocking blood clotting. Used as an in vitro anticoagulant during blood transfusion or laboratory blood sample anticoagulation.

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