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Sodium citrate has these effects as a biochemical reagent

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Sodium citrate is a chemical substance, but its use in large quantities in the food industry has caused many people to fear that it may be harmful to their health. In fact, the raw material used to make this substance comes from food, and there is no harm in consuming the right amount of sodium citrate every day, as it can be a non-toxic additive.

Sodium citrate has not only a prominent role in the food industry, but also has an extraordinary effect in medicine. Sodium citrate can be used as a diuretic and an anticoagulant. It is known that sodium citrate is produced from lemons and contains a lot of citric acid, which, when effectively combined with calcium ions in the body, turns it into a soluble substance that prevents excessive blood clotting.

The use of sodium citrate in foodstuffs is almost known, but what is the role of sodium citrate as a biochemical reagent?

The role of sodium citrate.

Sodium citrate is a very important citrate nowadays, mainly produced by fermentation of starchy substances to produce citric acid, and then neutralised with alkali substances. Therefore, it can act as an anticoagulant. In clinical practice, when fresh blood is taken, some sterilised sodium citrate or sodium oxalate is added to prevent the blood from clotting, so sodium citrate and sodium oxalate are known as blood anticoagulants.

In the biological industry, sodium citrate is also one of the commonly used buffers. Sodium citrate buffer 0.01 mol/L, pH 6.0 is a commonly used antigen repair solution for paraffin sections, frozen sections and other samples after fixation with paraformaldehyde, formaldehyde or other aldehyde reagents. It can effectively remove cross-linking between proteins caused by aldehyde fixation reagents and fully expose antigenic epitopes in samples such as paraffin sections, thus greatly improving immunostaining results.

sodium citrate

After the above it is understood that sodium citrate also has good results in medical applications and that it is relatively easy to source. Therefore, there are many manufacturers of sodium citrate on the market today, but not many of them are refined.

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