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Sodium Glucoheptonate Sodium Glucoheptonate
Sodium Glucoheptonate Sodium Glucoheptonate
Sodium Glucoheptonate Sodium Glucoheptonate
Sodium Glucoheptonate Sodium Glucoheptonate
Sodium Glucoheptonate Sodium Glucoheptonate
Sodium Glucoheptonate Sodium Glucoheptonate

Sodium Glucoheptonate

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Sodium glucoheptonate is a rare high-end strong alkali green chelating agent. The product belongs to glucose derivatives and can be naturally degraded. In the reaction process, two isomers simultaneously produce α and β bodies. α-Glucoheptonate (Sodium α-glucoheptonate), the name D-glycero-D-guloheptonic acid, monosodium salt, it is a solid crystal, the company's solid sodium glucoheptonate is pure α-body; The beta body is Sodium β-Glucoheptonate (Sodium β-glucoheptonate), the scientific name D-glycero-D-ido-heptonic acid, monosodium salt, it is a liquid.








1. Water treatment

Because of its good complexation performance and non-toxic side effects, sodium glucoheptonate is widely used in large-scale water treatment units, and for alkaline descaling in boiler condensers and heat exchangers.

2. Metal surface treatment

a. Rust removal and degreasing of low carbon steel

The rust removal and degreasing process of traditional low carbon steel is mainly based on the treatment agent with cyanide formula. Cyanide decomposes at a temperature of 50℃, so the treatment temperature cannot be too high, which reduces the treatment efficiency. Moreover, such treatment agent has the disadvantages of high toxicity, strong pollution, extremely difficult operation and treatment, etc. After adopting sodium glucoheptonate formula, the treatment temperature is increased. The synergistic effect with caustic soda greatly improves the efficiency of metal surface treatment.
b. Electroplating and paint removal
The sodium glucoheptonate produced by the above process can prevent the plating solution from settling and make the plating layer more dense and bright. Under the synergistic effect of sodium glucoheptonate and caustic soda, the existing paint on the steel surface can be effectively removed for repainting.
3 Cleaning Industry
Water as the cleaning medium cleaning agent using sodium glucoheptonate formula, patents are very many, its role is to complex Ca3+, Mg2+ ions in water to improve cleaning efficiency, for example: When cleaning beer and milk glass bottles, alkaline cleaning agent is easy to form hydroxide with Ca3+ and Mg2+ in water, attached to the bottle wall, it is difficult to rinse clean, traditional bottle washing agent formulations are the use of phosphate to complex Ca3+ and Mg2+ in water, but this will bring difficulties in rinsing, affecting the environment and other shortcomings. After using sodium glucoheptonate washing agent, not only can play the cleaning effect of phosphate cleaning agent, but also easy to rinse clean, to achieve water saving and environmental protection effect.
4. Stabilizer of peroxide
Peroxides are used extensively in fabric bleaching, and the addition of sodium glucoheptonate can effectively complex various varivalent metal ions, thus improving the stability of peroxides, improving work efficiency and reducing production costs.
5. Concrete admixtures
Sodium glucoheptonate as concrete admixture can play two kinds of effects:
a. Retarding effect, in the dosage of sodium glucoheptonate can greatly prolong the hydration time of cement, better solve the problem of concrete early coagulation;
b, delay the corrosion of steel bars, glucoheptonate sodium used in reinforced concrete components can significantly alleviate the corrosion of steel bars, and thus play a role in corrosion inhibition.
6. Trace element fertilizer additives
Sodium glucoheptonate as a microfertilizer additive can greatly promote the absorption and conversion of N, P, K, Ca, Fe, Mg, Zn and other elements in crops
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