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Basic introduction to branched chain amino acids

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Branched-chain amino acids, the three common amino acids found in proteins, namely leucine, valine and isoleucine, are collectively known as branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and can therefore also be referred to as complex branched-chain amino acids. These amino acids promote anabolism (muscle growth) in two specific ways: (i) by promoting the release of insulin and (ii) by promoting the release of growth hormone. The most important of the branched-chain amino acids is leucine, the precursor of ketoisocaproic acid (KIC) and HMB, which build muscle, reduce fat and provide nutrients to the body. Whey protein has a high BCAA content and should be supplemented with 4-5 grams after training.

Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are the most important and effective nutritional supplements for any sport. It is therefore very important to note that if you want to build muscle or gain more energy naturally and without any side effects, then you need to consider using branched chain amino acids very seriously. However, they are supplements and not drugs in the same way as whey protein etc.

You can search the internet for information on a wide range of supplements, but some of the most important and basic are proteins, creatine, multivitamin complexes, amino acids and especially branched-chain amino acids.


How many times have you gone to the gym and had your attention drawn to the supplement products on the shelves that are designed to build weight and muscle through amino acid supplementation? And how many times has that exorbitant consumption ever dissuaded you from that idea? Meanwhile you know that experts recommend a moderate carbohydrate and high protein intake to be the best. However, almost all of us know that those who are muscular and fit rely on amino acid supplements.

Branched-chain amino acid supplements, commonly known as BCAAs, have become very popular over the years among athletes who want to increase their lean body mass and athletic performance. Branched-chain amino acids include valine, leucine and isoleucine and it is commonly believed that branched-chain amino acids enter the brain through the bloodstream and reduce the brain's production of 5hydroxytryptamine, which can cause fatigue. Brain fatigue can be reduced by reducing the level of 5hydroxytryptamine. There is now a considerable amount of scientific research to support this theory.

BCAAs reduce muscle fatigue, speed recovery, reduce the loss of other amino acids from the muscles during exercise and help the body absorb protein. A deficiency of one of the three will result in muscle loss. Unlike other amino acids, BCAAs are metabolised in the muscle, not in the liver.

Branched-chain amino acids are competitive with each other in terms of their ability to be absorbed and must therefore be supplemented simultaneously to ensure maximum absorption. Branched-chain amino acids are also consumed rapidly in the muscles during training and supplementation before and/or during exercise can improve performance and delay fatigue. Branched-chain amino acids taken immediately after exercise or with a meal after exercise can reduce cortisol and rapidly restore muscle levels of branched-chain amino acids.

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