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09/ 04/ 2023
Mechanism action of thickeners and their application in food processing(2)

The gelling process is essentially the formation of these joining zones.The physical arrangement of these joining zones in the network may be influenced by various parameters such as temperature, the presence of ions and the inherent structure of the thickener. There are three mechanisms for the gel

09/ 01/ 2023
Mechanism action of thickeners and their application in food processing(1)

Thickeners are used to thicken, gel, emulsify and stabilise food products, improving their quality and appearance and providing them with a rich taste. Thickeners are available from a wide range of sources and are added at low levels, and have become important food additives in foods such as meat pr

08/ 29/ 2023
Applications of thickeners in food

Application in the production of jellyFood thickeners are often used in the production and processing of jelly with two or more synergistic effects, so as to achieve the best results needed for jelly. Gellan gum is an extracellular linear polysaccharide synthesised and secreted by Pseudomonas aerugi

08/ 25/ 2023
Factors affecting the effectiveness of food thickeners

Influence of structure and relative molecular mass on viscosity: Generally, thickeners are colloids that can easily form a network structure or have more hydrophilic groups in solution and have a higher viscosity. Therefore, with different molecular structure of the thickener, even in the same conce

08/ 22/ 2023
What is the correct way to use thickeners?

Many people may not know what a thickener is, in fact, it is widely used in the food industry, thickener is essentially a food additive, after the addition of this substance, the consistency of food will be greatly enhanced, for example, we know that a lot of fluid food and jelly food have increased

08/ 18/ 2023
The role of food thickeners in food(2)

Polydextrose is a good prebiotic, fermenting in the intestinal tract can lower the intestinal pH from 7.24 to 6.44, facilitating the growth and proliferation of probiotics such as lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria. In yoghurt production and processing, polydextrose can enhance the dietary fibr

08/ 15/ 2023
The role of food thickeners in food

Food thickeners, as defined in the Food Safety Standard for the Use of Food Additives, are substances that can increase the viscosity or form gels to change the physical properties of food, give food a viscous and suitable texture, and also emulsify, stabilise or suspend food. As an additive, food t

07/ 21/ 2023
Basic introduction to food thickeners(2)

2 ClassificationSo far the world has more than 40 kinds of food thickeners for the food industry, according to its source, can be broadly divided into four categories: thickeners made from plant exudates, thickeners made from exudates of different plant epidermal damage is the function of synthetic

07/ 18/ 2023
Basic introduction to food thickeners(1)

Thickeners are a class of food additives that can increase the viscosity of food or form gels. They are used in food processing to improve consistency, viscosity, adhesion, gel formation, hardness, brittleness, tightness and stable emulsification, so that food products can obtain the desired shape a

07/ 14/ 2023
Sources and classification of food thickeners

Food thickeners are not only widely distributed in nature, but we often come into contact with them in our lives, such as the jelly we eat, the drinks we drink, etc. What is a food thickener?Food thickeners can be defined as large molecules that dissolve in water and are fully hydrated under certain

07/ 11/ 2023
Food thickeners, do you really know them?

What is a food thickener?It is a macromolecular substance that dissolves in water and is fully hydrated under certain conditions to form a viscous, slippery solution, also known as food gum. It is an important food additive that has a wide range of uses in the food industry and is used as a gelling

06/ 27/ 2023
Classification and effectiveness of different thickeners(1)

Thickeners can be divided into natural and synthetic ones, the latter being mainly chemically derived gums. The natural ones can be divided into plant seed gums, plant secretory gums, seaweed gums, microbial gums, etc. according to their origin.Natural thickeners are mostly extracted from white seaw

12/ 09/ 2022
Are food thickeners harmful to humans?

Many people are curious. What is a thickener and what are its dangers?In fact, a thickener is a food additive used mainly to improve and increase the viscosity of foods and to maintain the colour, aroma, flavour and stability of fluid foods and jelly foods. It is also known as a food stabiliser and

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