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Effectiveness of different thickeners

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Thickener is one of the most important raw materials in the food industry, it mainly plays a role in food processing to stabilise the food form, such as suspension stability, foam stability, emulsification stability, etc. In addition, it can improve the touch of the food and the stability of the colour, aroma, taste and hydration of the processed food. In addition, it can improve the touch of food and processed food colour, aroma, taste and water stability.

1. Stabilizing effect

Food thickeners can make the organization of processed foods tend to be more stable state, so that the internal organization of food is not easy to change, and therefore not easy to change the quality. In starchy food with a role in preventing aging; in ice cream and other foods to prevent the growth of ice crystals; in confectionery products to prevent crystallization precipitation; in beverages, spices and emulsified flavors with emulsification stabilization; any beer, sparkling wine with foam stabilization.

2. Thickening effect

Food thickeners can improve the viscosity of food at rest, so that raw materials can be easily squeezed out of the container, or better adhere to the food, so that the food has a smooth taste.

food thickener

3. Gelling effect

Food thickeners are gelling agents and excipients for jams, preserves, artificial nutritional foods, jellies and custards, etc.. Low methoxyl pectin and sodium alginate are water-insoluble compounds with multivalent metal ions, making them good antidotes and preventatives for heavy metal poisoning such as mercury, lead and cobalt. As thickening agents for edible gels, they each have their own strengths.

4. Water retention

Due to the strong hydration of some thickeners, they can play a role in improving the organisation of meat products, bread, pastry and other foods, making the water less likely to evaporate and increasing both the yield and the taste. Food thickeners have film-forming properties and also have a water-holding effect, so they can be applied to food preservation.

5. Health effects

Production of low-heat foods: thickeners are large molecules, many of which are derived from natural gums. They are excreted in the body with little or no digestion. So use thickeners instead of part of the syrup, protein solution and other raw materials, it is easy to reduce the heat of food, this method has been used in jams, jellies, seasonings, snacks, biscuits, puddings, and to a wider range of aspects continue to develop.

6. Odour correction effect

Thickeners have a masking effect on some undesirable odours. Among them, cyclodextrin is more effective. However, thickeners should never be used for spoiled food. Master the nature of the thickener, the role, and then according to the requirements of the food process, you can choose the right thickener, so that the thickener in the food reasonable use.

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